Back-Water Valve On The Sanitary Sewage And Storm Water Connection

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Backflow prevention valves protect water lines against backpressure of water that heads back into your water supply. When there is a potential health hazard or there is simply too much water to handle, these valves are going to stop the flow of water so it does not become a problem. Backflow occur in a situation when water from your house flows backward into the public water supply or vice versa. It can also occur when water from the garden flows into your house. It can cause many problems for you if prevention valves are not installed in your home in Hamilton.

Storm water

If you know anyone who has suffered through a flooded basement because of storm water earlier in the year, they probably wish they could have taken steps to prevent this from happening. Fortunately, having a backwater valve installed is going to ensure that your sewage line will be protected. It is installed where your pipes leave your property and connect with the public sewage line

If you have a storm and a likelihood of flooding, the basement is going to flood the fastest. This means that the street drains are unable to handle the amount of water that flows through them. Instead of the water going to the treatment plant (as is per usual) the water may actually back up into your home and come out through the drains located in your basement.

The backwater valve is going to prevent the water from getting there, by sealing off the pipe when it realizes that you are about to experience some serious flooding. It detects when the backflow conditions arise and ensures that water only flows FROM your system (which means that you are still able to use your facilities) but does not flow into your home anymore.

Maintenance and installation are equally important

You may remember some of the major storms that hit the Greater Toronto Area before. Even though the plumbing is excellent in most places, the sudden increase in water that occurs is more than Hamilton’s sewers are able to handle.

As a result, you have serious issues with water flooding basements. Just imagine the grossness of sanitary sewage flowing into your basement – not a fun thought. If you want to make sure that you have a good backwater valve installed or if you want professional maintenance done on them to ensure they work as designed, call the plumbing experts at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services.

Give us a call today: 416-951-2777 for a free upfront estimate!

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