Common Basement Flooding Issues

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Basement floods can be a nightmare to deal with because they can cause extensive damage and be expensive to repair. Unfortunately, basement flooding is very common and can occur during any season. If you don’t maintain your plumbing system well, you’ll have to deal with flooding and other related problems.

Common Basement Flooding Issues

 Basement flooding causes a number of problems that will require time, money, and effort to fix, and here’s a brief list of them: 

  • Excess Moisture – Basements usually don’t have direct access to the sunlight so it’s not easy to keep this room warm and dry. Most homeowners are forced to install dehumidifiers in the basement in order to keep the moisture levels down. Basement floods make this problem worse. You’ll have a hard time trying to remove all the excess moisture build-up after a basement flooding.
  • Water Damage on the Walls and Floors – The accumulated water will damage your drywall and floors, especially if you have wooded flooring. If the water is allowed to linger for too long, you’ll have to refinish the wood floors and replace the drywall and that can be very expensive.
  • Damaged Furniture – Wood furniture will be ruined by floodwater. It’s more susceptible to water damage than wood floors, especially if the furniture is made from weaker quality of wood. You should remove the furniture immediately after your basement floods in order to minimize the damage. Your plumber can help with that.
  • Mold and Pests – The moist environment encourages mold and other such pests. If you don’t dry out your basement quickly enough, mold will start to grow in dark and wet areas. That will compromise the air quality in the basement and have a negative impact on your health.
  • Damaged Carpets and Rugs – Sometimes carpets and rugs are salvageable. You might have to call in professional carpet and rug cleaners to clean, sanitize, and deodorize them.

What are the Common Causes of Basement Flooding? 

  • Bad roof drainage and clogged gutters
  • Cracked or damaged foundation walls
  • High water table
  • Poor landscape grading
  • Sewer backup due to storms and sewer blocks
  • Leaking pipes in the basement
  • Bad weather

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Give us a call today: 416-663-4777 for a free upfront estimate!

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