Considerations For A Bathroom With Tub And Toilet Design

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Considerations For A Bathroom With Tub And Toilet Design
Even though the bathroom is relatively small, it is a complex room when it comes to renovation. It is important to coordinate carefully to get the job done right, because oversights and mistakes can be expensive and frustrating. There are several considerations before you renovate, and these are some of the most important ones that people forget about.

Initial considerations

You have to determine the dimensions of the new room and consider the positions of existing skylights, windows, and doors. These are going to affect your new floorplan and the size, shape, and positioning of possible fittings and fixtures. Layout changes are going to cost you more money and it means more time will be necessary for your renovation.

Are you restructuring the space?

This is an important consideration that most people forget about, are you altering the ceiling or floor? Perhaps adding or removing internal walls? Are you adding a sauna/spa/sunken bath? Anything like this means that completing the job is going to be more difficult, and means more costs, more time, and more people.

Will you add laundry facilities?

Doing so means additional plumbing and power outlets. You have materials in your existing bathroom (plasterboard, tiles, wood, and concrete) make sure to assess that and come up with a functional solution.

Moving your plumbing around

When you think about moving your bathroom basics, it is going to cost you some extra money. If you are moving your plumbing, you need a qualified plumber who is able to do that for you. Would you settle for a revamped version of what you currently have or do you want to move your wash basin/tub/toilet? It is ultimately up to you.

Can I do it myself?

We are not going to say that you cannot do everything yourself, but it is important to be realistic when working with your tub or toilet. Even basic bathroom renovations are tricky and complex, and they have to be done in the correct order. You can undertake some of the easier things yourself, but for everything else we highly recommend hiring a professional. When you hire professionals such as the ones found at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services, you can be sure that the work is of the highest standard.

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