Drain Line Video Inspection In Hamilton

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At Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services, they take considerable pride in the fact that their professional plumbers offer efficient, deliberate, and friendly services that can help Hamilton homeowners with just about any plumbing issue imaginable. They rely on the leading technologies in the industry, so it is far more efficient in terms of diagnosing an existing issue.

One such technology includes our ability to inspect a drain with drain line video inspection in Hamilton. These professionals can locate a sewer with the same system. The tool allows for an improved methodology for identifying issues requiring immediate repair or attention. With video inspection, they can let a consumer know more precisely what to expect with the task at hand, including potential pricing. The video technology can even result in monetary savings when professionals do not have to do extra, unnecessary evaluations or work.

How Does the Video Inspection Process Work?

A sewer cable with a video camera is inserted into the pipes. There is a radio transmitter inside of the camera and the pipes’ interior are lit up with infrared lighting technologies.

The plumbing professionals can push the camera into the drain and pipes and can literally identify where there is an existing clog or alternative issue. One technician handles the use of the camera and another specialist manages the transmitted live feed via a monitor. The video will evidence the location of a pipe break quickly and will speed repair processes. This same methodology can be used to accomplish the following:

  • A break in a drain
  • A drain line location
  • Get a visual look at a break
  • The status of the sewer line
  • The video demonstrates a sewer line’s progression

The Advantages of Video Inspection & Camera Usage

The use of a video camera to inspect your sewer pipes comes with myriad advantages and these benefits go well beyond the mere identification of where a leak or crack might be located. A visual of the drain allows our professionals to:

See the materials the pipes are made of; the condition of the pipes in question, and if a potential break is imminent in a set part of the pipework. They can even predict the significance of a break in the pipes.

We also recommend the use of video inspection technology for pre-screening. In other words, the tool is great for preventing issues down the road. A pre-screening can identify areas of concern and a pro can recommend whatever preventative repairs you might have to deal with in the future if you don’t do the repairs immediately.

Relying on the drain line video inspection in Hamilton allows professional plumbers do a better job by helping them provide the consumer with direct answers to their existing questions related to their home plumbing.

Give us a call today: 416-663-4777 for a free upfront estimate!

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