Easiest Way to Unclog Your Toilet

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Easiest Way to Unclog Your Toilet

No one can claim not to have experienced the circumstance surrounding a blocked toilet and the discomfort that comes with it; Even worse when it’s another’s toilet.

This article is aimed at relieving you of the strains typical of such a situation. Here the tips to dealing with the situation even in the absence of the common toilet tools will be outlined for you. This is important since you wouldn’t want to be helpless when this happens or would you?

How to Clear a Blocked Toilet

Your reaction towards every situation matters. In a situation where the waste isn’t going down, and yet the water level in the toilet bowl increases faster than desired, what do you do? The first things you do are: access the toilet flapper within the toilet tank and then have it sealed. This stops the movement of water into the bowl. The flapper is a valve that holds water in the toilet tank until your next flush.

However, a more reasonable approach would be to prevent water getting into the toilet tank, and this can be done easily by locking the valve a little lower on the wall compared to the toilet tank.

With the flooding of the toilet prevented, unclogging the toilet is the next step. To do this, get some hot water and pour same into the toilet bowl and you will be surprised at the outcome. What the hot water does is simple but important; it breaks down the waste which leads to a free flowing waste. If there is a plunger available, things become easier. Just use the plunger to ensure the waste goes down the pipe. Since this can be achieved without the use of a plunger, in the absence of a plunger where the situation demands one, then try this tip, and you will be both amazed and relaxed at the embarrassment you have seemingly bypassed.

We never know what might happen, so perhaps you are in the bathroom, and this incident occurs, and you don’t want your friend knowing, you will need to use every available tool around you. Apparently, there are no buckets in his/her bathroom just get the waste bin. Remove the trash from the bin. Collect some hot water in the bin and empty same gently into the toilet. Watch and exhale! Return every tool to their exact location.

Should the hot water tip fail which would be a surprise, the use of liquid soap might come in handy. Drop a decent amount of the slick fluid into the toilet bowl. Get your hands on the flapper to stop the water flow into the bowl just in case this trick turns out to be ineffective. Flush. The chemistry is simple; the soap helps in the disintegration of waste by opening it up to the action of water.

Should the more regular liquid soap be missing in the bathroom then hopefully a shampoo should be available and could be used instead. Pour a reasonable amount of shampoo into the toilet. Then don’t do a thing for a while. The result is a free flowing toilet bowl. Even better, the toilet has that pleasant smell typical of shampoo.

Equipped with this tips you should be able to tackle an incidence of a blocked toilet without fear. Also, knowledge of these tricks ensures ‘messy’ issues like this wouldn’t lead to you breaking a sweat. If you are not sure that you can handle the situation yourself, call the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services.

Give us a call today: 416-663-4777 for a free upfront estimate!

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