Hamilton Residents Avoid Plumbing Problems This Summer

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As a homeowner, you might spend time trying to figure out what household problems you can circumvent or avoid with the proper home maintenance. Ironically enough, some of them most common plumbing problems fail to come to mind so when the difficulties do crop up, you are left surprised and caught off guard. The entrance of spring and the coming of the warmer season seem to bring with it plumbing issues. In fact, trouble with plumbing is common following winter thaw.

With this in mind, you can now consider the coming problems that might strike this summer and what you and you can do to avoid potentially disastrous and costly plumbing difficulties. There are at least five problems you might face this year: Let’s examine each issue in detail below. 

How to Deal with a Clogged Disposal

If you have a garbage disposal connected to your kitchen sink, one of the most common issues you will face is a clog. If you have many cookouts during the warmer months, you might end up developing a clog with the garbage disposal simply because you are disposing of so much organic matter. If you are trying to dispose of veggies, fruits, fibrous foods like corn and celery, and/or greasy foods and cooking oils, you are eventually heading for a clog if an entire replacement of the disposal unit because you’ve worn down the blades. These clogs are easy to avoid too.

Refrain from dumping oil or grease down the drain and keep difficult-to-grind food out of the disposal all together. To make sure you are operating the disposal most effectively, make sure you clean the disposal regularly. Run cold water for a few moments before grinding food and continue to run the water to free ground up debris once the grinding of waste products is complete. Also, if you do develop a clog, make sure you do not stick your fingers or hands in the disposal, and turn of and unplug the unit before attempting to clear the clog.

What to Do When You Have a Backed Up Sewer Line

The spring and summer months bring with it more thunderstorms and rain showers, and in some regions there is more rainfall than others do. When there is a lot of rain, it can cause water to enter into your sewer pipes through different cracks and, in turn, the entrance of the excess water can cause a line backup. The same issue can occur when roots from trees break through your pipes.

If you notice that your toilet water is backing up or that your bathtub will not drain, this is indicative that there may be an issue with your existing sewer line: This is the time to call on a professional as soon as possible before the problem gets too big to handle or the damage it can cause becomes severe. In a worst-case scenario, you may be facing pipe replacement.

 Regularly Maintaining Your Washing Machine

While it’s true during the warm months of summer it is an environmentally friendly option to give your dryer a break and to use a clothesline, your washer will still get a good workout all summer long. The more people in the home, the more laundry you have to do, and summer months ensures young ones are home so even more washing is required. All that laundry stresses the machine. It is important for you to avoid running the machine while you are not at home to monitor it: If something should go wrong, you don’t want to come up to a surprise flood or worse.

Also, make sure that you check the incoming water lines to make sure they are free of debris, sulfur or lime scale build up and that are no kinks in the incoming line. Do the same for the outgoing line. Treat your washing machine with care and will extend the use you get out of it. If you note an issue with the machine’s ability to cycle or drain correctly, call in a professional from Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services to examine the machine and to diagnose the issue(s) at hand.

 How to Handle a Clogged Toilet

A clogged toilet is bound to happen, and thus, a plunger should always be located nearby the toilet so you can remedy the issue easily. In addition to having plunger on hand, teach everyone in the family how to go sparingly when it comes to using toilet paper. To conserve on water, teach the family to flush only after using the bathroom. If you find you have a serious clog that a plunger cannot address, you can get a snake and attempt to snake out the clog. If the snake does not work, call in a pro.

 What to Do When There is Issues with the Sprinkler System

Sprinklers are part of the formula for keeping your lawn lush and green, but the sprinkler heads can develop issues as well. It is your responsibility to check out the sprinkler heads every season and see if any dirt or debris might be preventing them from working correctly. Make sure you lower the sprinkler heads when is time for you to mow the lawn as well to ensure you do not damage the system.

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