How to Deal with Low Water Pressure

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Are you ever frustrated with Hamilton water pressure? Perhaps you have no water pressure at all. Sometimes there are issues that lead to our Hamilton water pressure not even working at all. There reasons for the decreased water pressure. What can you do when you experience low water pressure Hamilton yourself? We will take you through a few steps.

Make Sure The Supply Valve Is Open

Turn the supply valve counterclockwise to open it all the way. If you are the only one suffering with this low pressure issue—or you have low water pressure in only a few parts of the house, then chances are that your pipelines may be faulty or leaking. To resolve this matter, you really need to call a professional plumber to repair the damage. But before you go down this road, do the following.

  • If there is a single fixture that has water pressure issues – Make sure that you check for a partially closed supply stop valve, flow restriction, dislodged washer, or clogged aerator. Make sure to remove and replace the aerator if your faucet has one.
  • Check the supply valves underneath if you are dealing with a sink faucet. Open them all the way by turning them clockwise. If you notice that you already have them turned open all the way, close them and remove the supply tube. Then replace the tube and turn the water supply on again.

Make Sure Valves On Each Side Of The Meter Are Wide Open

If low water pressure is encountered throughout all the pipelines at your house the just go out to the street and look for your water meter. Now locate shutoff valve next to the meter. Be sure the valves are open, they should be turned counterclockwise. If you notice that a supply valve is partially closed, then simply opening it would resolve the issue. 

Check Your House’s Water Supply Valve

Most residential buildings have their main supply valve residing where the cold-water pipe comes into your home. Open it by turning it counterclockwise. If you have a water-pressure regulator, then it can be an added advantage. You can find the regulator near or at the house’s main supply valve. This can be adjusted to get a sustainable solution.

If the problem with low water pressure or no water pressure continues sustains, then you should contact a professional technician to fix this up for you as soon as possible. If you still have those issues, call the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services. They will be able to help you through all the different issues related to Hamilton water pressure.

Give us a call today: 416-663-4777 for a free upfront estimate!

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