How to Maintain Downspouts

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How to Maintain Downspouts

When plumbing in a house is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is the pipes in the wall. It is normal, those are the sights that we consider when we think of plumbing installation. But a lot of people have no idea that the flow of water through the gutters (eavestrough) is also important when it comes to the overall function of your home.

As time goes on, your eavestroughs in Hamilton gets filled up with mud, mildew, leaves, twigs and other dirt. To fix a clogged gutter, you have to climb up a ladder and scoop out whatever is clogging it. You must also ensure that the spikes holding the mantle in place are still strong. This sounds like something that is relatively straightforward – something that you might even do yourself.  There is one major area of the gutter that everyone ignores. It is the downspout. 

How to maintain the downspout

The downspout is the drain through which water is funneled from the gutter to the ground. Everyone knows that gutters get clogged up with dirt over time and they can run over and flood. The piping can have issues also. It doesn’t matter if your eavestroughs Hamilton is very clean. A clogged downspout will give you a lot of issues.

Anytime that you are checking your gutter, you must ensure that your downspout is free from leaves, dirt and other debris that can cause your home to get flooded.  Any visible dirt at the mouth of the downspout should be cleared off at both ends. If you find any dirt there, use a garden hose to shoot down water through the downspout. This can clear out the pipe. A power washer should not be used as this can cause damage to plastic equipment.

Your downspout could be one that drains underground and leads to a sewer system or a dry well. If your downspout is like that and the components above the ground are working perfectly, there could be a bigger clog that will need the touch of a professional plumber that can fix eavestroughs Hamilton.

If you are not sure what maintenance should entail or you think that you have larger issues, we highly recommend that you call the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services. They have experience with all sorts of plumbing issues and would be more than happy to help.

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