How to Determine if you Need a Drain Line Repaired

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How to Determine if you Need a Drain Line Repaired

Dealing with a clogged or completely stopped drain line can put a huge damper on your life. However, there are several signs that will point to a repair being needed to avoid this delaying your life in any way. When you start to see these signs, then it is time to call a plumbing expert to help repair the line and get your sewer drain performing as it should. Here are several signs that show you need drain line repair:

Sign#1.Back ups

Do you often have water that becomes backed up in the shower, tub or sinks? You may even see this in the toilet! When this happens, it could be a huge sign that the sewer line has a clog or is even broken. This will continue to happen until the repair is made, and it can lead to a huge cleanup! This can also be the case when the water from these tubs, sinks and toilets is draining slower. In most cases, the slow draining will start first, then it becomes a situation in which water is backed up. 

Sign#2.Gas smell

Do you smell sewer gas in the home or even when outside of the home? A smell like this can point to a break in a pipe somewhere that is allowing this to leak.


If you are seeing a lot of mold growing on your walls, despite having cleaned this frequently and running fans and vents to ensure moisture is not in the room, this could be a sign that a the drain pipe is clogged and causing the humidity in the home to increase, leading to more mold.

Sign#4.Wet spots

When you step through your yard, are you finding wet spots that are squishy? This could be the septic system draining into your yard. This is often accompanying by a horrible stench. When this occurs, sewer drain pipe repair is a must have as this is a situation that is not going to clear up on its own.


If you notice an increase in the number of insects that have invested your home or you see even more lush and green areas in your yard, it could be a sign that drain line repair is needed. Insects are often drawn to the sewage, and your yard is often fertilized in these areas where sewage is leaking.

If you see any of these signs, drain line repair is a must have. You cannot let this situation go or you could be looking at massive damage later.

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