What you Should Know about Pipe Lining

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It can be expensive to replace a damaged sewer pipe.  If you decide to go with the trenchless method, it’s going to take a professional with some serious expertise and equipment to get the job done promptly.  If you’re going to do it the old-fashioned way, you’re going to spend a bunch of time busting your hump, digging dirt, and replacing the entire thing on your own.  While both of those methods are effective, it’s not always necessary to completely replace your broken lines.  Sometimes sewer pipe lining is a more intelligent, cost-effective option.

Cost Investment

Truthfully, when it comes to plumbing, nothing is super cheap.  There will be a bit of an investment if you have a problem but the idea behind relining is that you can fix the problem for a fraction of the price.  Cured in place piping or CIPP caries a cost per foot ranging from as low as $100 to as much as $250, depending on the professionals doing the install.  Even at the highest price of $250 per foot, it’s still going to be cheaper than replacing the entire line.

Epoxy Sewer Pipe Lining

After a camera inspects the sewer line, and the leftover crud has been cleared away, the epoxy lining can be applied.  This epoxy, for lack of better term, will dry in place and thoroughly coat the inside of the pipe.  The cracked areas will become resealed, and if necessary, you can add the second layer of epoxy.  After a full day’s wait, the lining should be dried to the point of the test.  Then you can flush toilets and run water to test the job.

Side Benefit!

CIPP lining often makes the piping even stronger than it was in the original state.  Think of rhino liner in a pickup truck.  CIPP lining is similar to what rhino liner does for a truck bed.  The extra reinforcement provides supreme protection against roots and other foreign obstructions, preventing them from breaking through the pipe walls.

Call the Doctor

Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services in Hamilton employ a variety of techniques to solve the most challenging plumbing problems in the greater Hamilton area.  If you have a faulty sump pump, sewage leak, or blockage, the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing can assist you before you have a catastrophe on your hands.

Give us a call today: 416-663-4777 for a free upfront estimate!

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