Plumbing Emergency Tips

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You could experience a plumbing emergency at any time. Oftentimes they occur without warning, and completely unexpected. If you experience a plumbing emergency – it is a good idea that you know how to handle the situation. These are some tips to be aware of any plumbing emergency and our top 5 emergency plumbing issues.

Drain and Plumbing Services in HamiltonIssue #1 – All About Main Water Shutoff Valve

When moving into a new home, one of the first things that you should do is locate the main water shutoff valve. This is usually near the home’s crawl space (the exterior access point) or the water meter. Knowing where to find this valve could help prevent a plumbing emergency from turning into a plumbing disaster.

Issue #2 – All about Sump Pumps

Install a sump pump if you want to make sure that you are ahead of the snow and ice that is bound to fall in Hamilton. A sump pump is going to prevent serious issues with backwater flooding. If the idea of coming home after a long day at work and finding your basement flooded with sewage sounds unappealing, a sump pump is a must.

Issue #3 – Frozen Pipes

Even the most seasoned Hamilton homeowner could experience quite a panic when they experience frozen pipes. Not only are you going to have to go without water for a bit, but you run the risk of water damage and burst pipes. You should thaw frozen water pipes with special care – a space heater or hair dryer works well. Do not leave your heater unattended because you do not want to cause a fire. You also want thawed water to be able to escape, so make sure that you leave nearby faucets open.

Issue #4 – The Leakage in  Your  Washing Machine

If the washing machine continues to run water when the basket is completely filled, you want to make sure that you act quickly. There are water supply valves on the hose behind the washer, make sure that you shut one off (or preferably both). They are either located behind an access panel in the wall or in plain sight. Shut off the circuit breaker and turn off the washer to make sure that you do not get any type of shock.

Main Tip – Have A Number Handy For Plumbing Emergencies

If you have a plumbing emergency, it is a good have a professional plumber come help out. They are capable of making any needed repairs and can offer advice where needed. If you need a good number to call, make sure that you call 613-791-5777, Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services in Hamilton.

Give us a call today: 416-663-4777 for a free upfront estimate!

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