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Plumbing (Charles Thatcher – Hamilton)

I wanted a quote on my downtown Hamilton home and I decided to write to 3 different plumbing companies. Dr. Pipe was the only company that actually came for the appointment, despite the fact that I made the appointment (and confirmed) with the other companies days in advance.

Despite the fact that Dr. Pipe came from Toronto, they were on time as scheduled and provided me with a reasonable quote that was clear. I decided to opt for Dr. Pipe and found that they did the job professionally and made sure that everything was clean when they left.

I am happy to hear that Dr. Pipe is going to come to Hamilton in the venture because I believe that our local plumbing companies were even unable to make it to an appointment on time. I would recommend them for any commercial or residential plumbing job.

5 / 5 stars


Trenchless Sewer Pipe RepairTrenchless Sewer Pipe (Steven Nobel – Hamilton)

I got two separate quotes when I had trouble with my plumbing. Despite the fact that Dr. Pipe’s quote was around the same as their competitor, they actually took the time to use their technology to check out the problem. Because the other plumbing company did not even bother checking beforehand, I was rather worried that there would ‘unexpected’ costs later on.

I was very impressed with their professionalism and I would highly recommend them to just about anyone else.

5 / 5 stars


Drain replacementDrain Replacement (Tyler Note – Hamilton)

It is one of the worst feelings in the world, waking up and seeing a brand new (unwanted) pool in your basement. Dr. Pipe came recommended by our neighbor who had the backflow valve installation done by then.

Dr. Pipe came to our home and told us about the different options that we had. They made sure that they talked about the issues and the different choices we had. Even though we have no technical expertise, both me and my wife understood what we could expect.

They not only did the work they were scheduled to do, but they also answered any and all questions that we might have had. In addition, they also made sure that they were going the extra mile to make sure that the place was kept clean. Very much recommended.

5 / 5 stars


Drain Pipe ReliningDrain Pipe Relining (Tiffany P.)

Dr. Pipe are honest, competitive, personable, and quick. I have tried a number of different plumbing companies before, but we have never found a crew that was as courteous and customer-oriented as Max’s crew. They made sure that they were cleaning everything up before they left as well. Dr. Pipe made it so we did not need a new root, relying on trenchless drain repair system. Now that they are coming to Hamilton, I would highly recommend them to anyone.

5 / 5 stars



Give us a call today: 416-663-4777 for a free upfront estimate!

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