Some Facts About Weeping Tile Installation

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Basements have cement walls that are porous and because of this structure, water can easily seep into the area and destroy the home’s foundation, the basement, and everything in the area as well. Ground water surrounds a basement and water moves to where there is the least resistance. It will enter the porous concrete and the damage will begin. The water might be from groundwater, but it can also come from a rise in the water table, the rain filtering down ward, and clogged gutters that drain inappropriately.

Chronic water problems are a common issue in Hamilton. The condition is one that can be successfully addressed by several means. The most common recommendation is dealing with the water problem via an exterior system installation for waterproofing, this will not work in every location. An interior installation of a waterproofing system can work in homes where the exterior installation is not a good option.

Water can rise up and push against the floor of your basement or the walls and in doing so, a powerful, damaging hydrostatic pressure is applied against the areas the water comes in contact with – if the water cannot find a place to get through the floor or wall, it will pool up against the bottom of the basement walls outside. The end result is the ground gets saturated along the inside surface because the water is not being redirected or removed. An interior weeping tile system does not waterproof a basement area, but it helps to control the water that gets in by redirecting it elsewhere.

Installing an Exterior Weeping Tile System

An exterior weeping tile system is one installed around the outside perimeter of a basement. A 40mm pipe featuring holes and slits punched through it is put into a deeply dug trench and covered with gravel. The pipe work is wrapped up in a water-permeable sheet – this is to keep debris and dirt from getting into the pipes. The pipe work is put in a sloping angle and directed at a specific discharge point. It is unfortunate, but these tiles can sometimes get clogged. When the clog occurs, hydrostatic pressure will continue to build until the water finds a way inside the basement of the location.

If you want to learn why Hamilton weeping tile installation is such a good move, we highly recommend that you consult with the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services. They are able to help you with your questions and can make sure that any possible plumbing needs are taken care of quickly.

Give us a call today: 416-663-4777 for a free upfront estimate!

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