Some Tips in Cleaning Sewers and Drains in Hamilton

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Some Tips in Cleaning Sewers and Drains in Hamilton
Backed up sewers and drains are an issue that should be resolved quickly, not only because they emit a foul odor and limit the functionality of the drains, but also because the problem will only get worse. Not only is prompt action important, it is also key to use proper drain cleaning measures as to not damage the system.

Knowing where the problem lies

In order to find a clogged drain solution it is important to first identify the problem area. The home features a number of small waste removal pipes that feed into the main line. Water from the sink, toilets, showers, etc. feeds into this main line that then carries water away to a septic tank or the municipal sewer. Depending on what issues you are experiencing, the problem is either within your home (usually) or with the septic or sewer system.

Dealing with a slow drain

The most likely cause of a clogged kitchen sink drain is something within one of the smaller pipe offshoots. Debris such as hair, grease, or food is likely caught in the drain trap or trap arm, especially if there is an integrated garbage disposal. The trap arm can be removed from under the sink and cleared of any debris or a plumbing snake can be used to break apart the blockage.

Bathtub and shower blockage

There is almost a 1:1 chance that drainage issues in the bathroom are caused by some combination that includes hair. The buildup of hair in the drain will then trap soap and shampoo, also a major issue in a bathroom sink. A device known as a drain stick is used to remove hair from the drain as the tool features spiked tabs that grab the hair.

Responsible drain use

Of course, it is up to the homeowner to deter clogs from ever returning by responsible maintenance and prevention. First off, use the garbage disposal with care and remember that it is not a wood chipper. If excessive hair in the drain is an issue, use the drain stick once a month to keep the area free of buildup. A mixture of baking soda and vinegar poured down the drain once a month and cleared up with warm water helps to clear residue and buildup.

Major blockage

While backed up drains are a nuisance, the good thing is that most of the time they can be fixed with DIY methods. When common drain cleaning methods do not work, a professional may be needed to use vacuum pressure, pressurized water, or at least use a camera inspection to determine and solve the problem.

If you want to learn more about prevention or have an actual clogged drain, the courteous professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services can help with the issue every step of the way.

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