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Causes of flooding in your home that can result in the significant, costly, and quite undesirable damage of your personal property include burst pipes and low water tables.

If you live in a flood region where it is more likely for your home to flood, it might be a good idea to contact a professional plumbing service to ask for the install of a high-quality sump pump in your basement area. The sump pump will help keep your basement dry and free from floodwaters: This can help protect your home’s foundation, the structure, and your personal belongings if you store in the basement area. You will find a brief guide on what sump pump is here, how it works, and how you can take advantage of sump pump installation Hamilton services.

Sump Pumps: How the Equipment Operates

Before going over the main advantages of sump pump installations, let’s first examine how the equipment functions and the role it plays in a complete waterproofing system.

The lowest point in the basement, which is usually a crawlspace, is ideal for the positioning of a sump pump: It is here this sump pump pit is best suited for allowing water to drain into it. A sump pump is water submersible, so it is safe to put it in the pit as it will not damage the unit.

The water that fills the pit is groundwater that surrounds the basement’s foundation and channels through into the waterproofing system naturally through gravity: This then leads the waters to perforated pipe work. The perforated piping then leads the water to the sump pump. Floaters in the device trigger its operation and the pump begins to pump out the channeled ground water into a nearby drain, well, or detention pond.

Now that you understand the general workings of the sump pump system, we will now go over the main advantages homeowners derive from having a system installed in a basement area that is otherwise prone to flooding.

  • Monetary savings – When your basement floods it can destroy your property: Some of it which is valuable in a monetary sense while other items might be priceless due to an emotional attachment. Instead of having your irreplaceable and cherished items destroyed or having to pay hundreds of dollars for costly repairs to the structure of your building, a simple sump pump insulation will keep the floodwaters out of your basement. Such a waterproofing system becomes necessary in flood-prone areas, but also in regions where heavy rainfall occurs.
  • Structural Security – The structure of your home can be severely damaged by floodwaters and this results in cracks in the walls, damage to the foundation, and such renovations can prove atrocious in terms repair costs.
  • Illness Prevention – Areas that flood in the home are more prone to black mold formation and other kinds of mold growing in the basement; these molds can cause illnesses and prove a hazard to human health.
  • Property Value Increase – Even if you never experience a flood the entire time you own your home, if you decide to sell a home and you have a sump pump installed and a waterproofing system in place, it can increase the value of the property.

You will want a professional from a sump pump installation Hamilton service at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing to dig the trenches a waterproofing system needs. The pro will also lay the perforated pipe to set up a sump pump groundwater channeling system. Our professionals can take the sting out of backbreaking work by installing a high-quality sump pump waterproofing system for you installed for you quickly and efficiently.

Give us a call today: 416-663-4777 for a free upfront estimate!

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