Top Three Reasons For Waterproofing Your Home Or Building

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Whether we are discussing your home, a property you own and rent, or the structure where you do business, waterproofing the residential or commercial structure is of the utmost importance, particularly if you want to protect the health of those who are exposed to the property in question. The process of waterproofing a structure involves the application of a flexible, but tough coating to the structures’ outside materials – the application of this coating will then, in turn, protect the structure from water damage. What is nice about the application of waterproofing elements is that it can end up saving a homeowner or property owner thousands in unnecessary and highly undesirable repairs.

If moisture and water get into a building, there is a wide range of issues that arise, some immediately noticeable and some not so obvious initially. Look at the leading reasons why a property owner should consider waterproofing their building/home:

The quality of the air inside the structure is maintained.

If you have not waterproofed the home or building yet, it is a good idea for you to also have the quality of the air inside the structure tested. Not only will you learn about the present air quality of the structure, you can use this test to compare to another air quality test after you have the site waterproofed to see the improvement in the quality of the air everyone is breathing.

One of the biggest issues when it comes to water damage, leaks, and moisture is the development of molds, some that can prove dangerous to your health. If you test the air in the home, you may discover pollutants and toxins in the air you never even realized were there – then you can take additional measures to implement their removal.

During the winter, there is a reduction in the ventilation one allows in a home or building, and this is an ideal time to conduct indoor air quality tests to ascertain if there is the presence of toxins, mold, mildew, or chemicals in the air indoors.

Dangerous mold and mildews have a costly removal process.

The best way to save from having to pay the expense associated with mold and mildew removal is to simply avoid the issue entirely. By waterproofing a structure this will reduce the likelihood of moisture, dampness, and water damaging the property and leaving mold/mildew growth in its wake. Mold is highly problematic when it comes to its removal, especially if it has worked its way deep into the heart of the building’s infrastructure.

However, by taking preventative measures beforehand, you can make it far less likely that something like this will happen to your residential or commercial building because the waterproofing elements will not allow the formation of an interior environment that is welcoming to mold or mildew formation.

If there is dampness in the structure, it can eventually allow for the intrusion of water.

Dampness and moisture will work away at the integrity of the existing structure, and the walls of the residential or commercial property will start to crack, rip, and tear. As the new cracks spread even further, their expansion will result in leaks that will cause even greater issues resulting in high-cost repairs. If you live in a place where there is an ongoing condition with high humidity, the walls in the home are likely to absorb any moisture that is in the air. When this occurs, it will at some point in time result in the slow decay of sheetrock or whatever materials the walls are made of – mold and mildew have the same destructive power.

Imagine the walls behaving much like a sponge. When you buy a brand new sponge at the market it is dried out and stiff. When the sponge (walls) absorbs waters (moisture, mildew, and mold), the sponge becomes “spongy” or super soft and flexible as well as weaker than its stiffer state. This is how the moisture, water, mildew, and mold affect the walls of your home or property.

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Give us a call today: 416-663-4777 for a free upfront estimate!

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