Water Heater Replacement

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Technician servicing the gas boiler for hot water and heating

Having the right hot water tank can mean that you are happy and satisfied with your hot water for years to come. However, regardless of how you treat your water heater, eventually there comes a time where it needs to be replaced. These are some of the different indicators that might mean that you have to consider a new hot water tank.

Test the water

The first way that you can test the water heater is by turning on the water itself. If you are blindsided by cold water whenever you expect to get into a warm shower or just notice that it takes forever for the water to heat up, it might be time for a replacement.

Look for puddles

Look around your water heater, and try to determine if you see any standing water. If there are pools of water or you see a puddle of water, it might mean that you have a serious enough leak in your water heater to warrant a replacement.

Use your ears

Even though it sounds weird at first, listening to your hot water heater can tell you about the potential issues that it might have. If you hear pops or other unusual sounds, or if you frequently hear loud clanging noises whenever you turn the hot water on, you may have a serious enough mechanical problem where you need to replace your hot water tank.

Check the tank age

Make sure that you look at how old your hot water tank is. Most hot water tanks have a warranty that ranges between five and 10 years. Even though many of them will last longer (much longer in fact) than the warranty indicates, you may notice that your hot water tank is not as effective as it once was. The decrease in effectiveness and the increase in energy use might make it a good idea to replace your tank altogether. The improvements in energy use might be enough to warrant a new purchase.

Doing it right

Investing in a brand-new hot water tank might be smart, but the installation needs to be done properly in order to maximize your investment. The professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services are able to help you with the right installation, and we can even help you determine what the best option is for your home. That way, you are left with the perfect option to heat your home’s water needs.

Give us a call today: 416-663-4777 for a free upfront estimate!

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