Waterline Replacement by Torpedo

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Trenchless drain repairTrenchless plumbing is one of the least understood plumbing solutions that we have come across. The torpedo is the main tool that is used in this particular type of plumbing. In order to help you understand the method a bit more and help you determine what type of plumbing solution is right for you, we have decided to share a bit of information.

What is the torpedo?

This torpedo technology makes new underground tunnels, without requiring a great deal of excavation. The equipment drills a little tunnel, which allows a new plumbing system to be installed. The torpedo itself is powered by an air compressor.

It is possible to repair punctured, broken, or collapsed sewer lines with trenchless pipe replacement. The torpedo system bursting head breaks through the existing piping system. It also drags the new pipe behind it. Because of the force of a hydraulic ram, the bursting head busts through the existing pipe and leaves a brand-new pipe behind

The benefits of this method

There are several different benefits to using a torpedo to replace your waterline. The first is that you create less mess when doing so. You do not have to worry about your landscaped yard or driveway being dug up before you can do something. Just the reduction in mess is going to be a massive benefit for most people who need to replace their waterline.

Even though it is a modern technology, the overall costs are often much less. Remember, you are saving a great deal of time by not having to dig up the existing waterlines. The equipment is powerful, simple, and compact. It is also much safer, because you do not have to wonder about open trenches on your property.

Finding the right plumber

Remember that not just any plumbing professional is able to help you with this issue. You will need to find a qualified plumbing professional who has worked with the torpedo before. It is one thing to own the equipment, it is another to know how to use it altogether.

Trained professionals

If you need the plumbing professionals who are able to use the torpedo method as well as other methods of helping clear or replace your pipes, the trained professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services are able to offer you help with every step of the way. Call today and find out if we can help with your plumbing needs.

Give us a call today: 416-663-4777 for a free upfront estimate!

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