Waterproofing and Why You Need It

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The Need Of WaterproofingBesides being exposed to fire, one of the major issues that can prove detrimental to any existing structure is the development of a problem with the structure’s foundation. In every sense of the word, the foundation is the very base, the underpinning, the supporting and the sustaining basis for the entire structure. If something is wrong with the foundation the base of the home soon becomes the weakest link in the chain and, like the weak underpinning, the remainder of the home becomes unstable, unsound, and insecure. The foundation needs to be in tiptop shape to keep the structure in one place and to transfer both dead and live loads into the earth beneath it.

 The issues with water

One of the most damaging elements that can destroy a foundation is water. If the soil beneath a foundation becomes excessively wet, it swell and it can become less sturdy and supporting. It is therefore imperative that one’s foundation remains protected and dry. Damp crawl spaces and basement areas are also prone to mold and mildew development. The entire area can begin to smell foul and certain molds are even hazardous. Even worse, an entire area that can actually serve as useful space for living and/or storage is wasted, and if a foundation is unstable, wet, and leaking, it can make for poor home insulation and a loss of heating in the colder months.

 Realize this about concrete

Concrete is a material that is not waterproof and this is also the material many foundations are made of; while it is true that uncompromised concrete can hold water, the water can still damage the concrete and penetrate it with considerable ease. It is therefore imperative that you steer water drainage away from the foundation of your home. Of course, the latter-mentioned measure may be easy or complicated depending on a number of factors including the foundation’s depth, water and soil table conditions, topography, climate, and your geographic location. However, the measures for protecting your foundation from water damage will contain at least three shared components no matter what method you use to divert water. The three components are as follows:

  • You will need a drain to help in moving water away from the foundation.
  • To keep moisture from penetrating the foundation’s walls, a wall treatment is required. The moving water will also need to be routed toward the drain installation.
  • The ground around the basement requires a treatment so the water is pointed away from the walls of the foundation.

Much of the treatment plan put into place for foundation protection is installed underground, so to implement the treatment in the most cost effective manner, it is important to do it correctly at the outset. If the foundation of a home leaks, it can damage furniture, finishes, and the foundation’s structure. If it is a business that has the leaking foundation, the water damage can destroy equipment and interrupt the workflow. In the end, a leaky foundation leads to loss in terms of time wasted and finances. That is why you trust the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services when it comes to your waterproofing needs.

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